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washable / стирающийся, нелиняющий
имя прилагательное
washable, wash, washing
washable, fast, unfading, wash
имя прилагательное
(especially of fabric or clothes) able to be washed without shrinkage or other damage.
washable curtains
Another thing you'll notice after investigating washable cloth pads is that there is much more variety in design amongst the cloth pads than there is in the mainstream products.
And yet the chair's slipcover is removable and washable , and any pet hair or spills won't jump out as much as they would on a white slipcover.
Like silk, if you pre-wash rayon fabric prior to construction of the garment, you have a washable garment.
Add a few pillows and a throw, and you have changed the entire look of your furniture for little money, the covers are washable , and you can make one for each season if you want.
Linen is technically a washable fabric, but how you launder your sewn project, depends on the construction rather than the content.
The dress must be basically washable in warm water & able to be agitated at least somewhat for uniform dyeing.
If washable paper you may be able to wipe off with a sudsy sponge, followed by damp sponge.
Then, if fabric is washable , launder in warm water and detergent.
Some models, such as those made by Brandt, have washable metallic filters that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Natural sheepskin is preferable because it provides natural lanolin to exposed skin, 17 although it is expensive and is not washable .