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wash / мыть, стирать, мыться
wash, bathe, wash out, lave, bath, scour
wash, erase, wear, wear off, obliterate, delete
имя существительное
washing, wash, scour
washing, wash
washing, wash, ablution, sluice
имя прилагательное
washable, wash, washing
washable, fast, unfading, wash
предназначенный для мытья
имя существительное
an act of washing something or an instance of being washed.
Today I got up, used the toilet, had a wash , cleaned my teeth and ate my breakfast.
the disturbed water or air behind a moving boat or aircraft or the sound made by this.
the wash of a motorboat
a layer of paint or metal spread thinly on a surface.
the walls were covered with a pale lemon wash
silt or gravel carried by a stream or river and deposited as sediment.
kitchen slops and other food waste fed to pigs.
clean with water and, typically, soap or detergent.
I stripped and washed myself all over
(of flowing water) carry (someone or something) in a particular direction.
floods washed away the bridges
brush with a thin coat of diluted paint or ink.
the walls were washed with shades of umber
seem convincing or genuine.
charm won't wash with this crew
While everything cooks, wash and chop the parsley, dice the ham, toast the hazelnuts in a dry skillet and chop them roughly.
With the rest of the season a wash , the team will experiment with players who could make an impact next season.
Kathryn was cackling happily as she dropped Olivia's purple sock into the wash with her brother's white underclothes.
Trim the roots of the pak choi and thoroughly wash the leaves.
The operator should wash thoroughly with soap and water before eating and smoking.
The jet wash at 13,000 feet was testimony to how close we were to swapping more than ‘paint’ on that fateful day.
She held up his head with one hand and with the other she used the shower head to wash some of the dirt out of his hair.
I hated not being able to have a wash , get wet clothes dry and having to walk in mud every day.
Today I got up, used the toilet, had a wash , cleaned my teeth and ate my breakfast.
The crew braces for shock, the boat shudders and a giant plume of boat wash is the only mark left in the faint moonlight as the boat races forward into harm's way.