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wary / осторожный, настороженный, подозрительный
имя прилагательное
careful, cautious, prudent, wary, discreet, watchful
wary, alert, awake
suspicious, suspect, fishy, distrustful, dubious, wary
имя прилагательное
feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems.
dogs that have been mistreated often remain very wary of strangers
Keays said she was now wary about her daughter's desire to meet with her father.
A panic alarm had been installed at his home by police and he was still wary about going out.
We should be wary of dangers to our liberty and privacy with the excuse of security.
It is no wonder that the bosses of small companies are wary of treading the stock market path.
How often have those five simple words struck terror into the heart of the wary viewer?
Some taxpayers might be wary of online filing because of earlier problems with the system.
Mr Fisher says that with the advent of new technology teachers need to be wary .
She still has problems with her knee and says she is wary about going into town with her handbag.
He was truly despairing, but the muted female voice was firm, but understandably wary .
We understand some people may be wary of changing the NHS that we all grew up with.