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warn / предупреждать, предостерегать, упреждать
warn, prevent, notify, anticipate, notice, forestall
warn, caution, forewarn, admonish, previse, premonish
forestall, warn
inform someone in advance of an impending or possible danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation.
his father had warned him of what might happen
The Bank of England is poised to warn of the dangers of a collapse in house prices.
A huge pop concert for girl guides, a demonstration, and two major sporting events all take place on Saturday, and police are warning drivers to stay clear.
The conclusion also warns that I might possibly be frustrated if I don't have an outlet for my creative urges.
They're warning of a heightened possibility of an eruption after more than a thousand small earthquakes.
Police are warning people to be on their guard against credit card cheats after a Braintree woman had hers stolen and the thief tried to trick her into revealing her secret identity number.
But the profit warner of the year was Baltimore Technologies.
More than 20 other people were sent letters from housing officials and police officers warning them that their behaviour could constitute a public nuisance.
It was a habit left over from the old days when the king and his ministers were thus warned of danger.
Well, we have for a long time provided early warning advice on the launch of ballistic missiles.
Police are warning troublemakers that their behaviour will not be tolerated following another weekend of assaults and vandalism.