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warmth / тепло, теплота, сердечность
имя существительное
heat, warmth
heat, warmth, caloric
cordiality, warmth, heartiness, geniality
имя существительное
the quality, state, or sensation of being warm; moderate and comfortable heat.
the warmth of the sun on her skin
Without any kindness or warmth , he quickly placed one hand on my waist and the other in mine.
The morning came and Elizabeth woke to the bright sun shining it's warmth on her face.
Mexx has lined a pair of beige trousers with fleece for extra comfort and warmth .
The warmth of the sun soon dried the moisture from the new body.
You can expect about six hours of sunshine a day, and warmth rather than heat - ideal for walking.
Touching her hands is like touching ice, without warmth even in the heat of summer.
I'll take the sun, and extend its light and its warmth as far as I'm able.
Yes, it was definitely darker - the sun still shone, but its warmth had gone.
His eyes opened and they were filled with the kindness and warmth that she was used to seeing.
The cold dark days of winter seem to be fading as we notice buds starting to push their way through the earth towards the growing warmth of the sun.