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warmed-over / подогретый, разогретый
имя прилагательное
heated, warm, reheated, warmed-over
имя прилагательное
(of food or drink) reheated.
warmed-over chicken and pasta
(of an idea or product) secondhand; stale.
a heap of warmed-over action film clichés
that the only solution we can afford is, surprise, the one dictated by Galbraith's brand of warmed-over 50's liberal internationalism.
I don't associate warmed-over thinking with Boris’ work.
He does not patronise. He speaks directly and not in the warmed-over platitudes of his successor.
The Forbes piece railed at ‘unknown authors [who] shamelessly exploit famous figures to peddle warmed-over management advice.’
Who wants to read the same old warmed-over mush time and time again?
Ddpe is not a new book but rather an anthology consisting largely of warmed-over essays from a 1998 issue of Michigan State University Press's journal, Rhetoric and Public Affairs.
Then they pull something out they call evidence, and warmed-over lies, sometimes two years old, or older.
Too many bread wheels arrive with that stiff-bottomed, warmed-over quality.
Way too many ageing ‘classic’ acts are hitting the road these days without bothering to release anything other than warmed-over greatest hits packages (if that).
So much for pasta and the texture that makes it perfect; sadly, pizza too often resembles a mess of cheese and warmed-over cold meats toasted by an undergraduate under an oven grill.