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warm-hearted / сердечный, участливый, добрый
имя прилагательное
cordial, cardiac, hearty, warm, hearted, warm-hearted
good, kind, kindly, nice, gentle, warm-hearted
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their actions) sympathetic and kind.
Tara is a selfless, warm-hearted , and responsible woman.
In Bulgaria he has met people who are highly intelligent, compassionate, tolerant and understanding, warm-hearted and has also met people who are desperately intolerant and stupid.
Bishop Jones is a warm-hearted , compassionate and gentle person who is revered by many in Sligo and throughout the Diocese of Elphin.
Those of Cherie's friends who do talk insist that she is generous, warm-hearted , dependable, but they are also keenly aware that she has demonstrated repeatedly that she is a vengeful ex.
U.S. media air continues to be filled with testimonials to the warm-hearted generosity of American society.
Your overwhelming donations of food, groceries, equipment, assistance and warm-hearted gestures during the recent flood prevention work were most gratefully received.
Character witnesses he called in his defence described him as generous and warm-hearted , recalling he had organised charity events after a friend died in a car crash.
It's a compelling strategy and it suggested that Bellow was kindly, caring, a warm-hearted sort of guy.
Who would wish a life of loveless misery upon a warm-hearted , sensitive young girl?
Although he is a rogue and a rascal, Abagnale is treated with warm-hearted sympathy throughout the film.