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warlord / военачальник, верховный глава армии, ярый милитарист
имя существительное
warlord, chieftain
верховный глава армии
ярый милитарист
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a military commander, especially an aggressive regional commander with individual autonomy.
The US is buying off regional warlords and militia commanders for a variety of reasons.
President Charles Taylor is a former warlord who seized power and then was elected to it.
An Anglo-Saxon ruler of this period was above all else a warlord , a dryhten, as the Old-English sources put it.
Mr Taylor emerged the strongest warlord from that conflict and won presidential elections the following year.
Opium is grown freely in the countryside and gathered by farmers who sell it to factories employed by, or paying off, the local warlord .
Witnesses have told an Old Bailey jury they were imprisoned in a blood-stained room and beaten under the command of an Afghan warlord .
The warlord was in Central Asia, in the region along the old border of Afghanistan and China.
The regional and local warlords who were the key allies of the US against the Taliban are not advocates of women's rights.
The analogy was that this was a nation ruled by twelve regional warlords .
Last week Karzai threatened to resign unless regional warlords paid more revenue into central government coffers.
Somalia has been destroyed as a country, it has been torn into patches which are run by rebel armies of tribal warlords .