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warlike / воинственный, военный
имя прилагательное
warlike, bellicose, militant, martial, belligerent, combative
military, war, wartime, martial, warlike
имя прилагательное
disposed toward or threatening war; hostile.
a warlike clan
They did not, however, approach the Prophet for the guarantee of peace, but made warlike preparations and decided to strike at the first opportunity.
Forte is like a man with breasts, aggressive and warlike but somehow gentle.
Our country's first-hand experience with the reality of warlike violence will prove, in the end, our best leverage against engaging in yet another senseless bloodbath.
It includes also the industrial forces in Japan, who are opposed to the warlike policy of the present Prime Minister.
He wanted to create a ‘pure’, warlike Italian nation and believed in the pseudo-science of eugenics.
The president's inaugural address, in talking about universal freedom, talks about all sorts of possibilities for this country, not just warlike ones but peaceful ones.
The loser will hand over the kingdom to the winner and, laying aside all warlike intentions, he will have to retire the forest with his party forever.
The actual reasons for the country's belligerence are its desire to control Middle Eastern oil, bolster the warlike strategy of their allies and distract the public from domestic issues.
According to the historian William McNeill, Western Europe during the so-called Age of Faith was the most warlike civilization on earth, with the exception of Japan.
As an island nation, and at times a pretty warlike one, it should come as no real surprise to find that Britain has some of the finest and most dramatic coastal castles and fortifications in the world.