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warfare / война, борьба, приемы ведения войны
имя существительное
war, warfare, arms, sword
struggle, fight, fighting, battle, wrestling, warfare
приемы ведения войны
имя существительное
engagement in or the activities involved in war or conflict.
guerrilla warfare
guerrilla warfare
To them warfare was not a romantic notion but a harsh reality in which soldiers kill and are killed.
It certainly cannot flee and its capacity to fight is limited essentially to chemical warfare .
In the shadowy world of guerrilla warfare the rules exist in a kind of moral no-man's land.
to wage psychological warfare on sb
The Royal Marines are perhaps the finest mountain warfare soldiers in the world.
Thus is not for a just man to engage in warfare, since warfare is justice its self.
They had opened a new chapter in the history of Latin America through guerrilla warfare .
It is equally idiotic to wage chemical warfare against the vectors of disease.
They are all responding well to the changing nature of warfare and doing us proud.