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warehouse / складской
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
warehouse, goods shed, entrepot, store, goods yard
товарный склад
barn, granary, storehouse, warehouse, grange, garner
хранить на складе
store, stock, warehouse
помещать в склад
имя существительное
a large building where raw materials or manufactured goods may be stored before their export or distribution for sale.
Driving across rural Iowa is like driving through the warehouse and light manufacturing district of a great city.
store (goods) in a warehouse.
It is almost as expensive to hold, move and warehouse things as to produce them.
By the time his first son was born James Lever was managing a wholesale grocer's warehouse and shop on Manor Street, near where Bank Street crossed the Croal.
our objective is not to warehouse prisoners but to help inmates build new lives
The site, formerly a warehouse and distribution centre sold by Challis to Northminster in 1997, has already attracted five companies.
Before the buildings around the warehouse had seemed to lean away from it, trying as hard as they could to seem unfriendly toward it.
The new £1 million building, a former warehouse , has had £700,000 of work carried out to convert it.
Some locals believe that the nation-wide company is using the building as a warehouse with some people witnessing large crates being brought in and out of the premises.
Members receive special discounts but the warehouse is open to all.
The retail operation has grown to such an extent that the company has moved its warehouse and distribution centre to much larger premises on the Main Line industrial estate, near Milnthorpe.
A planning application was made in March 2001 for the site of the distribution warehouse of the Keighley-based Peter Black Holdings.
A retail warehouse under construction at Nutgrove Avenue in Rathfarnham is now available to rent through Jones Lang LaSalle.