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wardroom / офицеры корабля, офицерская кают-компания
имя существительное
офицеры корабля
офицерская кают-компания
имя существительное
a commissioned officers' mess on board a warship.
After the war wardrooms on warships became the place where young officers learned to love their profession and upgraded their naval and general culture.
During the most recent deployment, a wardroom mess dinner was held on the flight deck, involving guests from all three services.
Later in the afternoon, he had lunch in the wardroom (officer's galley), talked to Nimitz crew members in the hangar bay and posed for pictures.
The area proposed to be leased includes the Old Naval Academy - serving as offices and a wardroom - Anchor and Stoney Lanes, Short Row and the Block Mills.
Some of those hamburgers and pork chops get consumed in the officers' wardroom , more in the chiefs' mess.
Lancaster is also the home of Sunny the parrot, the Royal Navy's sole sea-going mascot, who lives in the wardroom .
We dropped off the two other pilots, who had been in the back of the H - 46, so they could relax in the wardroom .
We looked after it in the wardroom , fed it and it gradually got its strength back.
The Pelican had five officers on board, and the wardroom was sufficient to serve as a conference area as well as a dining space.
At least until recently, the penalty for any officer on the P&O line caught wearing a made-up bow-tie was to buy champagne for the entire wardroom .
Some years later Navy regulations were changed to permit wardroom and steerage officers to voluntarily form their own wine mess.