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warden / смотритель, надзиратель, начальник
имя существительное
caretaker, warden, keeper, ward
overseer, warden, supervisor, inspector, turnkey, censor
chief, head, superior, supervisor, director, warden
имя существительное
a person responsible for the supervision of a particular place or thing or for ensuring that regulations associated with it are obeyed.
the warden of a local nature reserve
New York City Prisons warden Sidney Brewster said ‘every addict is a potential criminal.’
Martin Wraith, the first warden when the church moved to Littlelands from a site next to the Sun Inn in Cottingley New Road, said it marked the end of a happy era.
But a warden at the church said the measures had been introduced following advice from an insurance company.
Professor Jessica Rawson, warden of Merton College, said no able student should be deterred from applying to Oxford by financial concerns.
Smith, who walks with a limp and is covered with lesions, says the prison warden and another official threatened him.
Though much of the Brisbane family was Baptist, William was adopted at age six by a wealthy, childless uncle who was a warden of a Charleston Anglican church.
an air-raid warden
She will be sworn in September 16 as the first black female warden of a Wisconsin state prison.
The Reverend, secretary and warden of St Mary the Virgin Church in Edvin Loach, travelled 100 miles to Trowbridge in a farm trailer to pick up the two bells stolen in a raid on the church seven years ago.
Frank Conley, who served as warden until 1921, shaped the prison's philosophy and appearance.