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ward / палата, опека, камера
имя существительное
chamber, ward, house
guardianship, custody, tutelage, trusteeship, ward, trust
camera, chamber, cell, bladder, ward, coffer
имя прилагательное
ward, pupil
guard, protect, safeguard, keep, preserve, ward
имя существительное
a separate room in a hospital, typically one allocated to a particular type of patient.
a children's ward
an administrative division of a city or borough that typically elects and is represented by a councilor or councilors.
Issues raised will be discussed by the relief road working group, made up of county councillors representing local wards , and the county council will enforce the changes.
a person, usually a minor, under the care and control of a guardian appointed by their parents or a court.
Open sea and clear skies was all very well when teaching a new crewmember the ropes and they never lost their fascination with the captain's young ward .
any of the internal ridges or bars in a lock that prevent the turning of any key that does not have grooves of corresponding form or size.
the action of keeping a lookout for danger.
I saw them keeping ward at one of those huge gates
guard; protect.
it was his duty to ward the king
admit (a patient) to a hospital ward.
Both are warded at Port-of-Spain General Hospital.
(forming adverbs) toward the specified place or direction.
(forming adjectives) turned or tending toward.
Simultaneously the Master shall raise his rapier into the open ward .
The inner ward is a square enclosure with circular angle towers, with one bigger and separated by the walls forming the keep.
Four years ago he joined Lancaster City Council to represent the Overton ward as a Morecambe Bay Independent.
The options are likely to include the closure of the 26-bed Battledown ward at Cheltenham in favour of a 46-bed ward at Gloucester.
These behaviors generally are intended to ward off harm to the person with OCD or others.
Semi-structured interviews took place in a private room in the hospital ward , usually within 12 hours after each restraint event.
Councillor David Wilde, who has represented the Walmgate ward on the City of York Council for 20 years, served as the city's Lord Mayor in 1995.
The psychiatrists and other medical staff avoided this ward , making only the bare minimum of calls and writing off the patients there as unsalvageable.
Just come striding along the beach like a prison ward or something!
Armour is used to shield, but not solely to ward off physical harm.