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war-torn / войной
раздираемый войной
имя прилагательное
(of a place) racked or devastated by war.
a war-torn republic
The coming visit will be the third for Megawati to the war-torn province since she was appointed president.
I'll be talking to a veteran of political developments programs in war-torn regions.
She added work is also underway to rebuild war-torn areas in the province.
After almost three years of hard work he helped bring peace to the war-torn region.
As a stark background, the war-torn Russian populace bitterly voices its utter misery.
Tales of war-torn Bosnia and the suffering of the people there were commonplace in the early 90's.
The youngest member of the family detained last week was one of several St John's pupils who came to Rochdale from war-torn Angola.
Around three million Tamils continue to live in the war-torn areas in the north and east of Sri Lanka.
The young children in the war-torn city loved to paint and were always ready to learn, she said.
An estimated 15,000 contract workers from around the world are currently helping to rebuild war-torn Iraq.