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wanton / бессмысленный, экстравагантный, беспричинный
имя прилагательное
nonsensical, senseless, meaningless, pointless, mindless, wanton
extravagant, wanton, outre, fantastic, sharp, fantastical
causeless, groundless, gratuitous, wanton, uncaused
имя существительное
wanton, Jezebel, minx, tramp, flapper, quean
whore, wench, wanton, philander
буйно разрастаться
thrive, wanton
frolic, sport, play, frisk, rollick, wanton
имя прилагательное
(of a cruel or violent action) deliberate and unprovoked.
sheer wanton vandalism
(especially of a woman) sexually immodest or promiscuous.
For a moment I toyed with presenting myself as a wanton temptress with a dozen regular gentlemen callers and a bedside drawer full of Mates.
имя существительное
a sexually immodest or promiscuous woman.
play; frolic.
behave in a sexually immodest or promiscuous way.
She, who had not come to wanton , used a borrowed wantonness as the instrument of her devotion and courage.
Sure there were a few drunks and wanton women scattered around the common room of the Gray Mule Inn, but it seemed like a friendly place.
In several paintings horizontal gestures at the lower edge of the canvas create a platform on which the thrown-back head of a wanton figure rests, low woman in the orgy of forms piling up above.
So he learns a siren song on the Hammond upright, woos wanton waitresses to his seaside flat and then tickles their ivories with the help of a love drug.
It's all about growth and building something successful - instead of wanton violence and destruction.
Stone throwing was inflicting a great deal of injury upon these beautiful birds, and the public who enjoyed strolls on the river's banks could render the most valuable service in stopping the wanton and cruel practice.
She, who had not come to wanton , used a borrowed wantonness as the instrument of her devotion and courage.
But legitimate protest has become mixed up with wanton destruction or even violence unrelated to the activities of the businesses attacked.
Because they live in magnificent mansions on sprawling estates with wanton wives in jodhpurs and children with blue eyes and blonde hair, you instinctively believe that they are a higher life form.
I simply take this logic to its conclusion and point out that this woman's wanton and libertine approach to grace is the camel's nose under the tent.
The later patriarchal cultures denounced them as immoral and wanton .