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wanting / без
without, out of, less, sans, minus, wanting
имя прилагательное
in need, needy, indigent, wanting, necessitous, impecunious
dilly, oafish, wanting, doltish, slaphappy, softheaded
missing, absent, vacant, faraway, vague, wanting
имя прилагательное
lacking in a certain required or necessary quality.
they weren't wanting in confidence
have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.
I want an apple
lack or be short of something desirable or essential.
you shall want for nothing while you are with me
Yet the promises of technology were often found wanting , and each new technological development was swiftly matched by a counter-response.
As the show drew to a close (after a disappointingly short 60 minutes) I was left wanting slightly more.
The standard of tax office internal safeguards, repeatedly found wanting , are again in question.
They charged that his delay to fire ministers he found wanting was proof enough that his word could not be relied upon.
Short, sharp and definitely leaving you wanting more, The New Fellas could easily be the best ‘scene’ album of the year.
The home side's backline were found wanting time and again.
Economically told, this is the kind of short that leaves you wanting more.
We urge them to ensure this experiment is monitored continuously and, if found wanting , amended immediately.
It was from a sense of wanting to extend the way imagination can reveal the necessary knowledge.
If anything, the short, sharp shock of its visceral blues-punk left you wanting more - and more duly arrives in the shape of this follow-up.