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want / нуждаться, хотеть, желать
need, require, be in need, want, lack, demand
want, choose, wish, desire, will, like
want, wish, desire, wish for, will, like
имя существительное
desire, wish, will, want, aspiration, would
need, necessity, must, want, call, obligatoriness
need, demand, requirement, want
имя существительное
a lack or deficiency of something.
Victorian houses which are in want of repair
a desire for something.
the expression of our wants and desires
have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.
I want an apple
lack or be short of something desirable or essential.
you shall want for nothing while you are with me
we want to go to the beach
for want of a better location we ate our picnic in the cemetery
So then put the pros and cons up for the public to decide if they want fluoride in their water.
The broken roof tiles seen through the grilled door say the area is in want of care.
Its members want action and their desire is motivated by an understanding of the facts about bigotry.
What Ireland and our Bertie should align itself and us to is not a war on terror but a war on want .
you don't want to believe everything you hear
Men, he claimed, are in want of youth, good skin and lustrous hair.
what do you want me for?
we want answers to all these questions