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wanna / хочу
want to; want a.
It's a Calypso gathering, you just wanna get down low and have a mad party and dance in the sun.
He hit this tone that's engaging and funny and you just wanna watch him do this character more.
So James is up there where we wanna go, and even if we go in the opposite direction, he's there.
Oasis are headliners, but I've seen them twice this year so I didn't really wanna go for them.
I have a law degree but it's another three years if you wanna earn more than 10k a year.
Yeah you really believe in him, is that the sort of thing you wanna do?
Anything you wanna ask, I'll answer with the obvious exception of real names and addresses.
And if you wanna join him for a psychedelic freakout session then you can always have a word with this guy.
Listen, man, you wanna join the army just because you want to be told what to do.
He made us kind of realize that there's more to being in the band than just playing what you wanna play.