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wane / ослабевать, уменьшаться, убывать
wane, fail, abate, ease up, fall off, sag
decrease, fall off, decline, diminish, lower, wane
decrease, wane, subside, ebb, recede, tail away
имя существительное
recession, decline, downturn, decrease, fall, wane
decrease, wane, diminution
decline, decay, decadence, fall, collapse, wane
имя существительное
the amount by which a plank or log is beveled or falls short of a squared shape.
(of the moon) have a progressively smaller part of its visible surface illuminated, so that it appears to decrease in size.
Tory tried to see her reflection, but the moon was waning , the stars obscured by clouds.
Any pups in the pack would show interest in the collar, however this interest would wane to none after 7-10 days.
Your Aries child will display a great deal of enthusiasm in his or her day to day life - but be warned that this enthusiasm can wane very quickly as the child moves on to the next interest.
Martin Lee thinks his party's public support remains firm, even as China fears wane .
I cut the log into slabs without removing the outside wane
I wonder if the present enthusiasm may wane over time for this recommendation.
I knew Sarah would come in the same way I knew the moon would grow and wane in cycles.
I know I am being harsh but I have watched two out of th the three hours thus far aired and my interest is already waning .
On the 30th, at 10: 31 P.M., the Moon wanes to last quarter for the second time in August.
As a result, the Commonwealth's powers have waxed and the residual ones of the states have waned .
But now that they are in a production mode, they can make commitments to purchase set amounts of waney lumber.