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wand / палочка, жезл, волшебная палочка
имя существительное
wand, stick, rod, bacillus, baton
rod, wand, baton, staff, stick, mace
волшебная палочка
имя существительное
a long, thin stick or rod, in particular.
One way to teach the horse how to back up is to use a whip handle (or you can call it a stick or a wand if you like those terms better) to show the horse which foot you want him to move.
My neighbor tells me it's the magic of the wand combined with my psychic aura.
There was a small black dot near the corner of her eye where Leslie had doubtlessly stabbed herself with her mascara wand , and a streak of lip gloss on her glasses.
Maintain an adequate and consistent distance between the pressure wand and the brickwork so that the spray is not concentrated in orie spot.
She couldn't use a mascara wand to save herself.
When applying mascara, drag the wand outwards to the outer upper corner to open up eyes further.
Can you apply mascara on without smearing the wand across your nose?
She picked up a mascara wand and gently tugged it open, revealing a crisp new wand coated in mascara.
Lampley didn't even flinch when she swatted at his eyes with a mascara wand and even powder-puffed his ears.
But this time, anytime, you know, the wand beeped, they touched me in that spot.
a mascara wand