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wan / бледный, болезненный, тусклый
имя прилагательное
pale, light, pallid, faint, wan, white
painful, morbid, sickly, sore, diseased, wan
dim, dull, lackluster, faint, fishy, wan
имя существительное
pallor, paleness, whiteness, insipidity, wan, feebleness
run down, exhaust, wear, harass, fatigue, wan
становиться серым
grizzle, wan
становиться тусклым
имя прилагательное
(of a person's complexion or appearance) pale and giving the impression of illness or exhaustion.
she was looking wan and bleary-eyed
wide area network.
‘I actually didn't think that was a big deal,’ says Pottruck, a wan smile playing across his broad face.
‘After several days of flying in space, the astronauts may look wan and sallow, so medical staff will put make-up on them to make them look ruddy,’ the newspaper said.
She almost manages a wan smile, but misses a bit on the execution.
But he gives her a wan smile, the best he can manage under the circumstances.
One need only stand in the aisle marked Produce to understand how the wan light obscuring the bruised fruit makes all of our decisions more difficult.
With a wan smile, Delaney removed her license from her wallet and showed it to him.
Doyle still slept, looking wan and exhausted, but that hint of a smile was still there.
Eli reminded me of an older Bob Dylan, his size and wan complexion and his face.
‘No, I didn't know that,’ he says quietly, offering a wan smile.
The stones on the bottom of the brook were flat and greenish in the wan afternoon light.