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walrus / морж
имя существительное
walrus, morse, sea cow, sea horse
имя существительное
a large gregarious marine mammal related to the eared seals, having two large downward-pointing tusks and found in the Arctic Ocean.
Brian has concentrated on the ecological diversity of the region, with its rare flowers, walruses , Bowhead whales, bearded seals, Polar bears and sea birds.
Occasionally they even pluck a walrus , beluga whale, or narwhal from the watery depths below the pack ice.
Marine mammals include narwhals, beluga whales, walrus , and ringed and bearded seals.
Aquatic mammals that live in the waters off the coast include walrus , ringed seals, bearded seals, beluga, narwhal, and various other whales.
The theme, obviously, is marine animals, and the inclusions range from humpback whales to tuna fish, from great white sharks to bottlenose dolphins, and from mermaids to walruses .
Killer whales - known as the wolves of the sea - are top Arctic predators, eating prey that includes fatty animals like walruses , seals, sea lions, and even other whales.
The waters are also home to minke whales, several seal species, and walruses , among a multitude of other creatures.
While you can get pretty close to walruses here, within 30 feet in some cases, you're not allowed to be on the beaches, so conversations are kept to a minimum and there's a rush to get up.
The team will also test walruses , sea otters, and clams in Alaska's Aleutian Islands for traces of PCBs, pesticides, and petroleum.
We were relieved not to have had to use our borrowed anti-polar bear rifle, but disappointed not to see any bears, walruses , narwhal or beluga.
After an early buffet breakfast on Saturday morning, the family will spend the day at SeaWorld, home to killer whales, walruses , sea lions, beluga whales, sharks and Magellanic penguins.