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wallpaper / обои
имя существительное
wallpaper, paper, paperhangings, paperhanging
оклеивать обоями
hang wallpaper, wallpaper, paper, cover with paper, do over, do out
имя существительное
paper that is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to provide a decorative or textured surface.
As finances permitted, in the living room and one bedroom the dark and tattered wallpapers were stripped and a decorator skilled at papering scrim walls put up new wallpaper.
apply wallpaper to (a wall or room).
Reexamination of the walls revealed that two rooms were originally wallpapered .
We not only have a detailed video review, but also high-res movies, and even custom wallpaper for your computer desktop.
The twin bedroom is particularly charming and is now a children's room with nursery rhyme wallpaper and decorative features.
a roll of wallpaper
In the dining room, layers of wallpaper are being stripped back to reveal a stencilled wall done in terracotta and yellow, not the dark colours you normally associate with Victorian housing.
soothing sonic wallpaper
We've stripped more wallpaper from the dining room, and started clearing everything out of it.
I always get my wallpapers and desktop icons from thereabouts.
It is peppy, but not too peppy, giving us a sense of their controlled lifestyle and tediousness - this is the couple who is spending their vacation refinished furniture and wallpapering the guest room.
This custom wallpaper is more expensive than some readymade wallpapers , but you can stretch your decorating budget - and give the one-of-a-kind look more prominence - by papering partial walls or a single wall.
It follows that the plants themselves and depictions in botanical prints, fabrics, wallpapers , and on china suggest traditional English country decorating.