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wallflower / желтофиоль садовая, дама без кавалера, корабль, долго стоящий у стенки
имя существительное
желтофиоль садовая
дама без кавалера
корабль, долго стоящий у стенки
имя существительное
a southern European plant of the cabbage family, with fragrant yellow, orange-red, dark red, or brown flowers, cultivated for its early spring blooming.
Grape hyacinths, Pulmonaria, rock cress, azaleas, lilacs, wallflowers and pinks furnish nectar in early and mid-spring.
a person who has no one to dance with or who feels shy, awkward, or excluded at a party.
A new dance class - where wallflowers won't be welcome - swings into action next month.
A perennial wallflower planted late last spring continues to flower after having been trimmed back a couple of times with each flush of colour.
We have perennial wallflower , fuchsias, lobelia, dahlia and sedum still blooming - the sedum looking particularly good with deep reddish brown flowers and yellowing foliage.
Every song is guaranteed to get a groan from the dance floor but will also turn even the most rooted wallflower into a party animal.
With a brother like that, it was no surprise the girl was a wallflower .
Never mind, of course, that Jack Kennedy did so many women in the White House that his exploits make Clinton look like the wallflower at the high school dance.
The play concerns three southern sisters: a wallflower , a kook, and a failed singer but successful sexpot.
Sure, I had plenty of friends and was no wallflower , but my good girl rep had never worn off, and for good reason, all the way through secondary school.
This is no low-growing wallflower but rather a full-sized shrub that can grow up to 15 feet tall under the best of conditions.
Finally, and very much later, gilliflower became a name for flowers such as the white stock and the wallflower that, although sweetly scented, had no connection with the spice or the clove-pink.
The perennial wallflower has flowered constantly since it was planted last spring and I can't believe it was only 20 cm or so tall when it was put in.