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wallet / бумажник, сумка, футляр
имя существительное
wallet, pocketbook, billfold, notecase
bag, pouch, handbag, purse, case, wallet
case, sheath, casing, cover, housing, wallet
имя существительное
a pocket-sized, flat, folding holder for money and plastic cards.
I know there are the big fold out credit card wallets but I'm running out of pockets and I can't quite bring myself to carry a handbag.
With a sigh, he pulls an impressive-looking wallet from his pocket and shows a badge to our translator.
He pulls out his Iqaluit Legion membership card from his wallet , and flips it over.
He only looked through her wallet after leaving the flat, having stolen it in the hope that it contained money.
I just think it's stupid to have so much money in the wallet when you're doing the town at night.
it's kinder on the wallet
When she went to pay for her chosen items, her handbag had been slit open and her wallet and money were gone.
So I checked the back pocket for a wallet , took it out and found a driving licence.
Mr Parks had left the money in a wallet inside the hooded Puma top, which was in a bag of old clothes he donated to the shop.
The wallet contained very little money but he would have been disappointed to think that he had lost it.
He stole a mobile phone from his top pocket and a wallet from a jacket.