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walkover / легкая победа
имя существительное
легкая победа
walkover, walkaway, runaway victory, facile victory
имя существительное
an easy victory.
they won in a 12–2 walkover
a somersault in which a gymnast performs a handstand and then slowly moves the feet backward and down to the floor, or first arches back into a handstand and then slowly moves the feet forward and down to the floor.
As a specialty dancer for Ziegfeld she performed backward walkovers leading the elephants on to the stage.
He got a first round walkover yesterday when controversial Aussie Quinten Hann failed to turn up for the event.
After a bye in the first round and a walkover in the second round when his opponent failed to show, Davison knocked out Lancastrian Michael Ward 4-2 before beating Day.
But the tour will be no walkover as the Australians will be seeking to retrieve some prestige.
So why is everyone assuming it will be another walkover for Labour on May 5?
Another election walkover - the punters are in the palms of our hands.
After his walkover first-round victory, Vaks went on to lose in the third round of the competition.
I also mixed in some pseudo-Pilates mat work and a walkover .
they won in a 12–2 walkover
True, they realized that it wouldn't be a walkover .
On balance beam, China's Qi Linzi performed a steady combination of aerial walkover to full-twisting Shushunova.