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walkout / забастовка, уход с собрания, выход из организации
имя существительное
strike, turnout, walkout, stoppage
уход с собрания
выход из организации
имя существительное
a sudden angry departure, especially as a protest or strike.
We have had a massive rejection of the pay offer and there have been unofficial walkouts .
opposition MPs staged a walkout during the budget session
We were fortunate in that the day afterwards the council management called a meeting at which someone suggested a protest walkout .
Refuse collectors in Coventry staged an unofficial walkout on Wednesday of last week.
Dawn picket lines were set up Monday following a weekend walkout over pay.
The walkout was provoked by a monitoring system BA wants to introduce.
Pupils staged a walkout in May to protest about teaching standards.
Before the game, players staged an impromptu walkout to protest ever-rising salaries.
these decisions provoked a walkout by the Dutch delegate
Shier was eventually removed as managing director after a series of staff walkouts and national protests.
Ahonen described the walkouts on April 27 as ‘demonstrations’ rather than strikes.