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walkabout / прохаживаться, прогуливаться, фланировать
walk about, saunter
stroll, saunter, promenade, walk about, troll, truck
saunter, walk about
имя существительное
a journey on foot undertaken by an Australian Aboriginal in order to live in the traditional manner.
On the way, they are helped by an aboriginal boy on his walkabout .
There was walkabout land with food, a billabong.
I hope you've enjoyed this little walkabout around St. Annes on Sea, my home town, fifteen miles from Preston on the A584 and much nicer than Blackpool.
The traditional walkabout saw the Fine Gael leader mix and mingle with the locals with consummate ease.
Took him into town earlier for a bit of a walkabout .
Thanks to the careful plantings of prairie flora and the presence of herons, hawks, and opossum, though, you'd think you were out on a great 17th-century walkabout of your own.
Former US President Bill Clinton stunned shoppers with an impromptu walkabout yesterday, after enjoying a Yorkshire pub lunch.
the prime minister went on an impromptu walkabout
She laughed and joked with well-wishers during a walkabout after signing a charter to mark the official launch of the city's new super-university.
But fan activities will start Thursday, June 17 with the return of the popular pit walkabout .
They near Paris, and she, drawn to the big lights, goes for a walkabout .