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walk-up / квартира в доме без лифта
имя существительное
квартира в доме без лифта
имя прилагательное
(of a building) allowing access to the upper floors by stairs only; having no elevator.
a walk-up hotel
имя существительное
a building allowing access to the upper floors by stairs only.
He carted them all back to his rent-stabilized walk-up on the Upper East Side.
On a weeknight in early February, the front line in the battle to privatize America's public schools reached the top floor of a five-story walk-up in Flatbush, Brooklyn.
I'm also on the fourth floor of a walk-up , so racing up and down is not an option.
Living in a walk-up apartment as a cripple is sure to be hell.
I was not married; I lived in a five-story walk-up in the East Village; I worked freelance; and I would have to go on bed rest in March.
Immigrants felt they had truly made it in the New World when they traded in their four-storey walk-up for a four-car garage.
To some, inner Berlin is a grim city made of walk-up flats round dingy courtyards - but the ways of living that these embody are loved by the citizens.
a studio apartment in an ungentrified walk-up
About 2/3 way through the trip, the train makes one intermediate station stop near where there is a walk-up trail to the top of the mountain.
I forgot the movie but I remember coming home to our Brooklyn walk-up apartment to see the somber look on the faces of my parents as they stared into the floor radio and listened intently to the war reports.
He had an office in my grandmother's dilapidated walk-up office building.