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walk-through / прохождение
имя существительное
a tour or demonstration of an area or task.
a floor-by-floor walk-through of the library
an undemanding task or role.
Every single player in the poll wants a challenge, not a total walk through .
имя прилагательное
designed to be walked through.
a walk-through gallery
For a more detailed walk-through , including more screen captures and expanded examples, check out my web site in the Resources section.
Before the change, the team conducted its walk-through in the morning, then practiced in the late afternoon.
Other than the installation walk-through , I have had no contact with Workstation Solutions' customer support, so I cannot tell you how good it really is.
For example, TSA has already replaced walk-through metal detectors at airports across the country.
Here is the fingerprint we were attempting to match, and a brief walk-through on how we accomplished this goal.
At 52,000 words, Everything Bad is Good for You is about the same length as a walk-through for a PC game (something Johnson points out with great delight), but it's far more entertaining.
Without a walk-through the task seems daunting.
‘The exhibit is a walk-through of the entire second film,’ Ivey explains.
Adrian Fisher is the master of building large walk-through mazes.
There was a small walk-through exhibit on the second floor that traced the process of making corn flakes, with real Corn Flakes going through the room.