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walk-on / статист, артист 'на выходах'
имя существительное
extra, supernumerary, figurant, mute, super, walk-on
артист 'на выходах'
имя существительное
a person who plays a small nonspeaking part in a play or film, or the part itself.
If I could do things over again, I would go back and play a small part for Fellini or a walk-on for Bertolucci.
имя прилагательное
denoting a small nonspeaking part in a play or film.
Kelly says: ‘The producers gave me a walk-on part in the film but for whatever reason I didn't make it to the final cut.’
As the series has developed, the three guests featured in each edition have become little more than walk-on extras.
It may be that we learn more about the past by focusing on the walk-on parts than by rehearsing yet again the well-known facts about those who occupy centre stage.
Two floors of open galleries rise above the foyer, magically transforming the musicians carrying instruments between classes, into walk-on extras in a theatre production.
In an odd bit of casting, Kris Kristofferson has a walk-on as Karubi, Daena's father, who comes to a somewhat gruesome end.
He eventually found a position performing in a children's theatre group and was offered walk-on roles in local T.V. commercials.
Unlike the previous installment, this movie focuses primarily on the students, allowing many of the adults little more than walk-on cameos.
The story of Helen prompted a similar style treatment in a Robert Wise production, in which the young Brigitte Bardot had a walk-on part.
Larry Berkman played baseball as a walk-on at the University of Texas and coached most of his son's early youth league teams.
I thought I was being auditioned as a walk-on , and that would've suited me fine.
Forrest Whitaker is his usual melancholic self: the butt of several jokes made by the sniper, while Katie Holmes' role, is more of a walk-on .