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walk-in / легкая победа на выборах
имя существительное
легкая победа на выборах
имя существительное
a walk-in customer or a walk-in storage area.
This time, at 8pm on a Thursday night, The Blue Plate was already jam-packed full and we overheard walk-ins being told they'd have to wait at least one and a half hours for a table.
имя прилагательное
(especially of a storage area) large enough to walk into.
a walk-in closet
(of a service) available for customers or clients without the need for an appointment.
a walk-in clinic
Decorated in peach, this area includes a walk-in cloakroom and guest toilet.
This area includes a walk-in understairs storage facility and a cloaks closet.
The walk-in service at the clinic is designed to provide immediate and accessible services in times of need, as determined by the client.
This has a sink unit, various storage presses and a walk-in wine cellar while a side door leads to an enclosed yard with a patio area, boiler house and fuel store.
There is extensive walk-in eaves storage at this level, which the present owners use as a storage and utility room, as it is plumbed for a washing machine.
NHS walk-in clinics are to be placed in railway stations to enable commuters to see GPs on their way to work.
As well as fitted wardrobes, the room has a large walk-in dressing area.
Entrance is through a spacious hallway with recessed lighting, oak flooring, a walk-in storage closet and a security intercom.
Each apartment has oceans of storage, including a walk-in hallway cupboard.
There is access to an extensive walk-in storage area that stretches the length of the room.