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walk / ходить, идти, гулять
walk, go, attend, run, play, lead
go, walk, move, follow, run, pass
walk, stroll
имя существительное
alley, avenue, walkway, lane, alleyway, walk
walking, walk, going, pedestrianism, go, perambulation
step, move, stride, pace, increment, walk
имя существительное
an act of traveling or an excursion on foot.
he was too restless to sleep, so he went out for a walk
an unhurried rate of movement on foot.
they crossed the field at a leisurely walk
an instance of being awarded (or allowing a batter to reach) first base after not swinging at four balls pitched outside the strike zone.
It's still three strikes you're out and four balls for a walk but so much of the fun is gone.
move at a regular and fairly slow pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once.
I walked across the lawn
cause or enable (someone or something) to walk or move as though walking.
she walked her fingers over the dresses
Dovestone Reservoir is also the start and finish point of a 40 mile walk route known as the Oldham Way.
As I approached some old oak trees, I slowed to a walk , then stopped entirely.
A half-hour walk along the rough track on the right of the lochan takes you to the base of the buttress.
The property is only a five minute walk from the local primary school.
It wasn't like it was incredibly dangerous, but just in case, she slowed to a fast walk .
There was a walk and run race, a walk , trot and canter race and an event called musical mats.
Many parents walk their children to and from school but lots of others live outside the village and need to drive in.
May your purposes always come to pass and may I always hear your voice so that I can humbly walk in the ways you lay before me.
In walk , trot and canter, movements such as riding in circles and changing the rein are performed.
Then as we walk a route it will be coloured to show where we have been.