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wales / Уэльс
имя существительное
имя существительное
a principality of Great Britain and the United Kingdom, west of central England; population 2,993,000 (est. 2008); capital, Cardiff.
имя существительное
a ridge on a textured woven fabric such as corduroy.
Liberty, a firm based in the United Kingdom, has begun printing on fine wale lightweight corduroy, noted Ed Harding, the firm's U.S. agent.
a plank running along the side of a wooden ship, thicker than the usual planking, and strengthening and protecting the hull.
Michael gives measurements for the height of the wale at the midship frame.
a horizontal band around a woven basket.
A wale is an almost unnoticeable, but very important band of weave.
she lives in Wales
they're going to Wales
he's from Wales
the population of Wales
Wales won 2-0
the capital of Wales