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waiver / отказ от права, отказ от требования
имя существительное
отказ от права
waiver, relinquishment, quitclaim, abdication
отказ от требования
имя существительное
an act or instance of waiving a right or claim.
Incentives would have to include tax waivers , for instance, on appropriate equipment used in production and which were environmentally friendly.
Flash your MasterCard, sign a liability waiver and you're a member of the club.
CPT McAlpin refused to sign the waiver , and questioned the very legality of the order.
We regret we cannot be legally responsible for any errors in this analysis and staff will be required to sign a waiver .
they give consent to waiver of their subrogation rights
Since they were not privileged, it is not apparent how their disclosure could amount to waiver .
their acquiescence could amount to a waiver
The mere fact that he did as asked cannot in my judgment be properly treated as the waiver of an express statutory right.
The fact that another franchisee has decided to participate in the litigation does not alter the waiver .
Section 190, dealing with waiver, refers to a formal waiver by order of the court.
Silence or mere lack of objection does not constitute a lawful waiver .