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waive / отказываться, поступаться, временно откладывать
refuse, deny, give up, waive, reject, disclaim
waive, forgo
временно откладывать
refrain from insisting on or using (a right or claim).
he will waive all rights to the money
If you say that you will waive rule 6 and allow us to release that information, I will tell the court I have no objection.
Without those provisions, the referee cannot waive any rule or determine that compliance is not required.
Sources close to the TD say he did not waive his rights to the inheritance.
My lawyer friends unanimously tell me that nothing you sign can waive the rights of another person.
But they must agree to waive future rights to compensation for policies that were missold to them.
The president already has the power to waive environmental rules for national security.
When consumers waive subrogation rights, insurance companies may refuse to pay for that particular incident.
He said he would waive claims against the government if the authorities agreed to this figure.
he will waive all rights to the money
National Grid was urged today to ‘do the decent thing’ and waive its claim for massive costs from widow Rosalind Craven.