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waistline / талия, линия талии
имя существительное
waist, waistline, middle
линия талии
имя существительное
an imaginary line around a person's body at the waist, especially with respect to its size.
eliminating inches from the waistline
Measuring around my non-existent waistline and…… hold on a minute, this can't be right.
Remove the pattern pieces and staystitch the waistline and any curved seamlines.
Sew six to eight more buttons - evenly spaced - on the front waistline seam for added interest.
The trousers have an enormous waistline that is loose around him and rise up to his chest when he sits.
Six months after the procedure, these patients had an average weight loss of 5 pounds and a 3-inch decrease in the waistline .
Her baby blue tee stopped a few inches above the waistline of the jeans to reveal her slender back.
Pear shaped women tend to have bigger bottoms so choose garments that have easing at the waistline with soft pleats and gathers.
Instead of darts, gently ease the waistline to the waistband for the most flattering fit.
The middle tapered into a slim, V-shaped waistline , and the collar was the square-cut neckline that was currently the fashion.
Simply enter your weight and waistline measurements, the body shaper's built-in microprocessor will then automatically calculate and accumulate the burnt out calories.