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waist-high / по пояс
по пояс
waist-deep, waist-high
имя прилагательное
доходящий до пояса
waist-high, waist-deep
имя прилагательное
of or at a height to reach the waist.
a ruin surrounded by waist-high grass
Students carry measuring instruments down a ditch, through waist-high grass, and wade into the stream to measure stream flow and water clarity.
Onside from three yards out, he tries to stab a waist-high opportunity past Mark Schwarzer in the Australia goal and misses it completely.
We waded out waist-high , then lay on our backs, just floating with the current.
The £300,000 scheme will see waist-high pedestrian railings replaced with metal and timber safety fencing in accordance with Government guidelines.
Half the knickers in my underwear drawer are heavy-duty, waist-high affairs which profess to give you a smooth behind.
Occasionally we stop to rescue others who have crashed in the waist-high snow drifts.
It was enclosed by a circular stone wall, waist-high , with mossy steps leading down to the pool, and was filled with clear water.
Pushing through the waist-high grass, I made my way slowly upstream to a bend in the river.
Prime Minister Patrick Manning addressed an audience of residents there who were standing in water waist-high .
He was put to work digging a quarter-acre section of waist-high grass.