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wainscoting / обшивкой
имя существительное
wooden paneling that lines the lower part of the walls of a room.
Rugs on marble floors, dark wood wainscoting , patterned green silk wall coverings and the building's original cavernous ceiling breathe life into the installation.
In every room, running along the base of the walls, was dark brown wainscoting .
The sinks flank a vintage five-panel door and are backed by beadboard wainscoting made of tongue-and-groove 1x4s.
Bring the classic look of frame-and-panel wainscoting to any room in your house using simple shop-made moldings and custom fit plywood panels.
So the latest controversy over so-called shared campuses for Catholic schools has brought the usual suspects out of the wainscoting in swarms.
To give the home the air of a vintage farmhouse, she painted the walls in soft neutrals and chalky pastels, installed beadboard wainscoting , and replaced brass knobs and pulls with glass ones.
The bright red walls are framed between cream-colored wainscoting and picture rails.
Constanze continued the Shaker theme upstairs, where tongue-and-groove wainscoting provides an authentic period touch.
The afternoon sun was warm on the five workmen there, busy upon doors and window-frames and wainscoting .
The cedar battens that cover the joints in the wainscoting are typical of the way in which the architects create elegant ornamentation out of practical detail.
We toured a house for sale in Tarkio, which turned out to have three stories, solid oak wainscoting , pocket doors, and beautiful wood floors.