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waif / беспризорник, бездомный человек, беспризорный ребенок
имя существительное
waif, gamin, mudlark, homeless boy, street-arab
бездомный человек
waif, waster, wastrel, maverick
беспризорный ребенок
guttersnipe, stray, waster, waif, wastrel, gutter-child
имя прилагательное
homeless, stray, houseless, waif, outcast, unhoused
имя существительное
a homeless and helpless person, especially a neglected or abandoned child.
she is foster-mother to various waifs and strays
a piece of property thrown away by a fleeing thief and held by the state in trust for the owner to claim.
Artie enters with a lost teen waif named Donna whom he found in an elevator.
Coogan essentially reprises the role that made him famous, only this time he's an immigrant waif orphaned during his sea passage from the Old World.
A lost waif and stray of extraordinary beauty turned up in Aberdeen and made the front page of two national newspapers: a bluethroat looking enchantingly like a robin that had been coloured in wrong.
Mrs Tarpen had no problem with that idea, and she rather liked the idea of helping a homeless waif off the streets.
This is the simplified world of a child's memories - although Joe is no naïve waif - and it is largely remembered with fondness.
It will also act as a staging post for medical care and feeding for some of Kiev's 10,000 homeless waifs and strays.
It was hard to believe this modest little place was charity shop Barnardo's, once associated with sale of second-hand items to raise funds for waifs and orphans.
For the last thirty years she has been taking in waifs and strays who would otherwise have been left in kennels, or possibly even destroyed.
Dutton's Epoch label seems to be turning into a home for British music's foundlings, but Cyril Scott is one of the more deserving of those waifs and strays.
But as an additional twist, he picks up waifish Russian prostitute Anne, whose seeming helplessness belies a shrewd sense of self-preservation at any cost.