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wagon / фургон, повозка, тележка
имя существительное
van, wagon, caravan, waggon, camion
cart, wagon, car, waggon, gharry
truck, cart, trolley, carriage, bogie, wagon
перевозить в фургоне
waggon, wagon
грузить в фургон
waggon, wagon
имя существительное
a vehicle used for transporting goods or another specified purpose.
a coal wagon
My wife was complaining that her old Volvo wagon was acting up.
We got to ride the train and go on a horse-drawn wagon .
Mr Mantell has lived in Westbury for over 80 years working as a wagon repairer at the railway station since he was a teenager.
There was a small, four-wheeled wagon with two llamas already hitched to the tongue.
a breakdown wagon
I would have liked to see each member of the committee drive a livestock wagon for six months before making a report that will affect us all.
Then, as the rev counter swings past 2000 rpm, the wagon surges ahead and acceleration is more like a sporty petrol engine's.
Each one pulled a hay wagon loaded with all the belongings the families could gather in the few minutes before they were forced to flee.
Hoof prints riddled the trail in several spots, as well as deep gouges from wagon wheels, and footprints once in a while.
They cornered Loudon Lane only to find a coal wagon blocking their way.