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wage / вести, бороться, вести войну
lead, conduct, keep, guide, drive, wage
fight, struggle, combat, deal, contend, wage
вести войну
wage war, wage
имя существительное
заработная плата
wages, wage, salary, pay, remuneration, screw
salary, wages, wage, pay, remuneration, screw
retribution, retaliation, nemesis, reward, recompense, wage
имя прилагательное
связанный с заработной платой
имя существительное
a fixed regular payment, typically paid on a daily or weekly basis, made by an employer to an employee, especially to a manual or unskilled worker.
we were struggling to get better wages
carry on (a war or campaign).
it is necessary to destroy their capacity to wage war
Their demand for more autonomy is undermined by the brutal campaign that they wage against innocent civilians throughout Russia.
The real question is whether it can successfully wage a war of public opinion during and after the military conflict.
an income of less than half the average wage
An average worker on a full-time wage is taxed less than in Australia, as a proportion of wages.
Many can't afford to take this time off, because they receive no wage or social welfare payment while they do so.
The tight labor market meant that workers in all wage groups earned more money.
it is necessary to destroy their capacity to wage war
to wage war on sb/sth
I earn a good wage
In retirement, most people would love to earn the average wage per annum.