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waft / дуновение, взмах, струя
имя существительное
blow, breath, whiff, waft, aura, puff
wave, stroke, swing, sway, sweep, waft
jet, flow, stream, current, squirt, waft
waft, blow
waft, blow
carry, bear, bring, waft, tote, wash
имя существительное
a gentle movement of air.
Thus even a not-entirely-great movie like City by the Sea feels like wafts of fresh air.
pass or cause to pass easily or gently through or as if through the air.
the smell of stale fat wafted out from the cafe
A waft or two of fragrance from the right plants in the right places can turn a garden from ordinary to enchanting.
Wind turbines turn lazily in a waft of air, a frog croaks in a pond, a small white goat munches grass along the driveway and a waterwheel makes faint sloshing noises as it turns.
Sounds waft by or linger barely long enough to register as rhythmic or melodic phrases.
Richie opened the door to get out, and a cold waft of air blew in, together with the sound of the pouring rain outside.
These summery scents will waft through your house, lifting your spirits.
each breeze would waft pollen around the house
Going closer to this dresser, I can smell feminine perfumes though there is a slight waft of male scent in the whole picture somewhere.
The wash is equally splendid with a middleweight body of fruit, plum and blackcurrant notes and a gentle waft of cedar rather than oak.
Some of our strongest memories are triggered by the sudden waft of a particular scent.
each breeze would waft pollen round the house