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wafer-thin / как папиросная бумага, очень тонкий
имя прилагательное
как папиросная бумага
очень тонкий
fine-drawn, wafer-thin
имя прилагательное
very thin or thinly.
plates of wafer-thin metal
The point is, a wafer-thin line divides near-mishaps like the one at Kalpakkam and catastrophic health hazards faced by local populations.
There is some opposition to him in the Senate where the Democrats have a wafer-thin majority.
The Minstermen have often found themselves wheeling and dealing on a wafer-thin budget, while dangling dangerously close to expulsion from the Football League.
Business is brisk and many buyers say that they enjoy watching the vendors deftly dropping wafer-thin banana slices into the boiling oil.
It was wonderful, with the piping-hot, wafer-thin rice flour skin giving way to a beautiful mouthful of chicken and vegetables, all complemented by the chilli sauce.
In these days of corporate austerity, economic gloom and wafer-thin margins, it is brave to post substantially increased profits and claim there is still more to come.
The high-tech visuals do not go well with the wafer-thin theme.
The Dos Equis also features a soft nylon midsole - for additional forefoot support when you're perched on a wafer-thin edge.
The wafer-thin morality of our Government and its supporters has been exposed by the actions of US / UK armed forces.
Morgan makes his dough from scratch; a 19-inch pizza spreads two pounds of dough into a wafer-thin layer.