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wafer / вафля, облатка, сургучная печать
имя существительное
wafer, waffle
wafer, cachet, capsule
сургучная печать
имя существительное
a very thin, light, crisp, sweet cookie or cracker, especially one of a kind eaten with ice cream.
Remove the ice cream from the mould and serve with wafer biscuits or ice cream topping.
fasten or seal (a letter, document, etc.) with a wafer.
The document was originally tied with narrow red and blue ribbons, which were attached to the signature page by a wafered impression of the seal of the United States.
Many of these microscopic devices must be interconnected by metal wires, which are made by filling tiny trenches in the surface of the semiconductor wafer .
Skin Bond Cement was applied to the skin grafted area of the abdomen and the backs of the wafer pieces.
Family gather to share the oplatek, a thin white wafer sometimes called angel bread, followed by an odd number of meatless dishes.
A carrier is then bonded to an upper surface of the integrated circuit, whereafter a lower portion of the wafer substrate is removed in a grinding and etching operation.
Faith, holding her chalice and Eucharistic wafer , stands to the right of Charity, while Hope, with her back turned to the viewer, looks to Charity from her left.
Mary was at the front, and she opened her mouth for the Priest to place the small wafer of bread on her tongue, the body.
Angle the blade against the stone then push the blade lightly along as if you were trying to slice off a paper-thin wafer of stone.
I remembered how, as the wafer dissolved in my mouth, I had felt myself ‘officially’ a member of the Church.
Kurdish specialties include a type of wafer bread eaten for breakfast, and any kind of grain cooked in whey.
Disclosed is a method for making reliable interconnect structures on a semiconductor wafer having a first dielectric layer.