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wader / болотные сапоги, болотная птица, цапля
имя существительное
болотные сапоги
waders, wader, wade
болотная птица
wading bird, wader
heron, wader, hern
имя существительное
a person or animal, especially a bird, that wades, in particular.
Had good birding around the township area particularly of waders & waterfowls, however the Pied kingfishers were nowhere to be seen this time.
high waterproof boots, or a waterproof garment for the legs and body, used especially by anglers when fishing.
If the weather turns rough, your guide can no doubt fit you up with waterproof clothing and waders .
The wader armed with a suitable fly rod is in excellent position to take advantage of this seasonal situation.
Fights between spotted sandpipers, a North American wader , can get especially nasty.
Our efforts will undoubtedly have been of great benefit to the important populations of wader birds on the islands.
The wise wader puts ‘witness marks’ or small dots on the blank of a favorite rod.
These are apt descriptions for that wondrous wader , the Black-crowned Night-Heron.
In addition to rare plants and wildflowers, you'll find hawks and ospreys lining the river and a host of waders along the shoreline.
I rudely pushed past an old man in hip waders to reach the gravel road first.
A giant among waders , the curlew is unmistakable with long bill and legs.
Lismore Lake provides a variety of habitat for swamp hen, ibis, egrets, and herons as well as many small waders .
When I began birding three waders : lapwing, redshank and snipe were all common breeders in many areas of Norfolk.