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waddle / переваливаться, ходить вперевалку, ходить вразвалку
ходить вперевалку
waddle, wallop, wallop along
ходить вразвалку
имя существительное
походка вперевалку
имя существительное
a waddling gait.
I walk with a waddle
walk with short steps and a clumsy swaying motion.
three geese waddled across the road
I walk with a waddle
As the bus meanders on, ducks waddle across the golf course and red cows and calves amble along the roads.
Perhaps because they can only waddle from their TV sofa to their car and back again.
This initially affects the muscles of the buttocks and legs, and causes a characteristic waddle when walking.
In this form, they manage a penguin-style waddle toward the camera.
One observer compared his action to a duck waddle .
How come the fashion industry is still peddling the image of six-footer, stick-insect girl models with that funny cross-over catwalk waddle ?
Zack was fascinated with the baby geese, laughing at their ungainly waddle , watching them as they foraged through the grass.
Without tipping at the shoulders, concentrate on shifting your weight from one skate to the other between each waddle .
There's the small head on top of the inflated body - and the waddle .