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wad / комок, пыж, кусок
имя существительное
ball, wad, clot, gob, nugget
piece, chunk, lump, bit, bite, wad
fill, stuff, line, tamp, pack, wad
набивать ватой
pad, wad
подбивать ватой
quilt, pad, wad
имя существительное
a lump or bundle of a soft material, used for padding, stuffing, or wiping.
a wad of cotton
a bundle of paper, banknotes, or documents.
a thick wad of index cards
compress (a soft material) into a lump or bundle.
a wadded handkerchief
stop up (an aperture or a gun barrel) with a bundle or lump of soft material.
he had something wadded behind his teeth
a wad of lint-free rag
The first of these, a small wad of book tokens, was easy to find.
She grabbed a wad of papers from the table beside her bed, and threw it at me.
Then he peeled out a note from a thick wad of $50 and $100 bills, leaving a $2 tip.
Nice of you to wad up all the goodwill you've accumulated and flush it down the toilet.
I made a wad out of the young leaves and twigs and tried to masticate slowly
And, stuffing the wad of notes into my wallet and the few coins into my purse I said farewell to my old savings account and its pass book.
From 1947 until 1961, disposable diapers were a wad of tissue paper sandwiched between two pieces of plastic film.
a thick wad of index cards
Several-day's growth of beard covered his jaw, which moved and bulged with the wad of tobacco he chewed.