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vulnerable / уязвимый, ранимый
имя прилагательное
vulnerable, assailable, defenseless, pregnable, attackable, tender
имя прилагательное
susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.
we were in a vulnerable position
Cash is also the most vulnerable to theft, and most travel policies only cover a few hundred pounds.
Analysts will want to hear if the business could be vulnerable to the economic slowdown.
The price is also vulnerable to any deterioration in the security situation in the Middle East.
Its ice masses have been particularly vulnerable to the advance of global warming.
People with severe mental illness are the most vulnerable in a society.
These are testing times for America and for an economy vulnerable to a sudden fall in confidence.
It may have failed in its bid for NatWest, but Bank of Scotland is far from vulnerable to a takeover.
Children are especially vulnerable to disease and malnutrition and need urgent care and supplies to help them survive.
These are among the most vulnerable , fragile and threatened habitats in Britain.
The economy is vulnerable to a rise in the euro exchange rate or in interest rates.